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Single meschede

Single meschede

Rudolph drives to sweeper cover and picks up a single Short ball, cramps the batsman for room and goes straight up on the attempted pull as the top-edge is gobbled up by the bowler himself. That was worked behind square for a couple and Miller ambles back. Drives in the air but does not get the elevation. Glamorgan had little answer until Pollock picked out Kiran Carlson at cover off a de Lange full toss and from that point the run-rate inevitably slowed. Cockbain deflects it away wide of a diving keeper. Bullets away into the fine leg fence Timm van der Gugten, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack 4. The players are striding out to the middle. Rudolph waits in the crease and runs down to third man Clint McKay [2. That was dug in short and the best he could do was to mistime it.

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Glamorgan fought hard to the end in their first Finals Day appearance since as Andrew Salter gave the Bears a scare by hitting 14 runs off the opening three balls of Chris Woakes' final over to get his side within range. The bowling of all-round trio Colin Ingram, Craig Meschede and Graham Wagg set the platform, before the batsmen finished the job, as the Welsh county banished the ghosts of previous quarter-finals. Only a run The book is written at a high professional level and can serve as the basis of a graduate lecture course. Most of the band then relocated to Dortmund. Way she goes into the stands 7. Aneurin Donald is on strike. Ingram flicks through mid-wicket. Rudolph defends with an opened blade to point 2. In partnership with Colin de Grandhomme 30 off 18 , Elliott added 46 off 5. In a scull boat, the riggers apply forces symmetrically. Mistimes towards extra cover once again 2.

Single meschede

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Ingram is in the zone again Two fielders outside the circle. Ingram tries to glance it, does not connect 2. Craig Meschede picked up Adam Hose and Sam Hain cheaply before skipper Grant Elliott 32 off 26 balls regrouped his side and went back on the offensive, attacking Graham Wagg in particular. Slower ball dished way wide of off, Eckersley had to stretch out to smack that, he chases and snicks a top-edge straight into the bucket hands of Hogan at short third. Replays reveal that there was slight edge on that.

Single meschede

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Earlier it was all action all-rounder Wagg whose dismissal of Ronchi, bowled through the gate for 28 off 18 balls, triggered the Leicestershire collapse. Toss and teams in a bit. Hogan will open the attack Welcome back for the chase. Done him for pace.

Single meschede


Rudolph is cramped for room, wanted to run down to third man. A slower delivery and the batsman got enough wood to place it away He flicks the ball into play and saves 4 runs That was a length ball cutting away and the batsman drove it on the up 0.

Single meschede

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Single meschede


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