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Such fines have successfully been collected in the United Kingdom and in the United States together with additional lawyers' and courts' fees. Bode-Museum is part of the Museumsinsel Berlin has a vast array of museums. Museum of European Cultures [] - the biggest of its sort in Europe. Regional trains stop at several stations within Berlin. Although it's good to carry your own map, you can dadurch always check your location at any U-Bahn station and many bus stops. You can hail a cab the yellow light on the top shows the cab is available , or find a taxi rank Taxistand. Two types of tram service are available. It can be extremely crowded and it's a small place. Public transport ticketing[ edit ] Berlin WelcomeCard.

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Besides the normal metro buses, there are also express buses indicated by angeschaltet Xbut these don't halt at every stop. German historical museum covering everything from prehistory right up to the present day. There are a couple of ring roads like an onion and several radiating trunk roads. Requires a cell phone and sometimes some knowledge of German. However, whilst it might be tempting to try to avoid buying a ticket, be advised that plain-clothed inspectors do patrol the trains frequently. Even if you are a tourist, be careful of other tourists in very "touristy" areas. There is dadurch a Monatskarte which is good for a month - either a calendar month e. On a lot of streets, the numbers ascend on one side and descend on the other. Berlin does have a low emission zone Umweltzonewhich contains all areas within the S-Bahn ring. Don't be confused by the alternative tram maps. The 20 minute tour is included in the cost of the entrance ticket, and is at the top of each hour, alternating in German and English.

Gay kino berlin

Gay kino berlin


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