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On the bridge over to the ait or the Wörth as it is called locally; the river island between the two parts of town stood the Brückentor "Bridge Gate". In that same year, Elector Palatine Philip bestowed ownership of the saltz- und badbronnen "salty and bathing springs " upon his cooks Conrad Brunn and Matthes von Nevendorf. Nobody was beheaded this time, but Elector Palatine Philip did have a few of the leaders maimed , and then put into force a new town order. After the French withdrew on 12 December, it was occupied by an Austrian battalion under Captain Alois Graf Gavasini — , which withdrew again on 30 May Thirty Years' War[ edit ] During the Thirty Years' War , Kreuznach was overrun and captured many times by various factions fighting in that war: According to the Verzeichnis aller Herrlich- und Gerechtigkeiten der Stätt und Dörffer der vorderen Grafschaft Sponheim im Ampt Creutznach "Directory of All Lordships and Justices of the Towns and Villages of the Further County of Sponheim in the Amt of Kreuznach" , compiled by Electoral Palatinate Ober amtmann Johann von Eltz-Blieskastel-Wecklingen — , [39] the town had estates and was the seat of a Hofgericht lordly court to which the "free villages" of Waldböckelheim , Wöllstein , Volxheim , Braunweiler , Mandel and Roxheim , which were thus freed from the toll at Kreuznach, had to send Schöffen roughly "lay jurists". Men from Kreuznach also took part in Napoleon's Russian Campaign. The briny springs were likely discovered in ; nevertheless a Sulzer Hof in what is today called the Salinental "Saltworks Dale" had already been mentioned in the 13th or 14th century. On 13 May , after a cloudburst and hailstorm , Kreuznach was stricken by an extreme flood in which 31 people lost their lives, some or head of cattle drowned , two houses were utterly destroyed and many damaged and remaining parts of the town wall fell in. At Gottschalk's suggestion, Archbishop Johann of Nassau-Wiesbaden-Idstein about — lifted the " dice toll " for Jews crossing the border into the Archbishopric of Mainz. Afterwards, of the 21 families there, 11 moved to what is now the Old Town Altstadt. In this time, the town suffered greatly under sackings and involuntary contributions.

Dating bad kreuznach

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